What makes “Memories of the Alhambra” worth your watch??

Recently, we all agree that South Korean dramas are so famous & have become a cup of tea for lots of folks not just in its own country but also all around the world. It’s proven by the large amount of discussions on the internet about the dramas using many different languages. In the late of 2018, came up a drama entitled, “Memories of the Alhambra”. This drama centers on an IT company CEO named Choi Jinwoo that visits Spain, Granada for his business purpose that is to buy an AR game created by a young developer. Arrives in Granada, he decides to stay in a hostel called as “Hostal Bonita” which is run by a young woman named Heeju. Later on, things don’t go as his plan. He isn’t able to direclty meet the game creator there. Likewise, he has to face a lot of continuously strangeness everyday.

Halo readers!! Haven’t heard about this drama? or maybe you have heard it but still in a consideration whether to watch it or not? Calm down! Here are some reasons to help you jump into a good decision. Check it out below 😉

1. Actors

There are many great famous actors in South Korea. In this drama, we will meet Hyun Bin (known for his role as Kim Joo Won in the drama,”Secret Garden”) & Park Shin Hye (known for her role as Cha Eun Sang in the drama,”The Heirs”) playing the main characters. Hyun Bin portrays the male lead named Jinwoo who is a CEO of an IT company while Shin Hye portrays the female lead named Heeju, an owner of a Hostel in Granada, Spain. Their talent is no doubt! They succeed to play both characters flawlessly look so natural. Hyunbin is really good at representing a smart, arrogant yet caring, loyal and dedicated man. He also deliveres every emotions so deeply. On the other hand, Park Shin Hye is an expert in portraying a pure, sensitive, hard working, very smart & talented young woman. The fact that she had to learn Spanish language, and how to play a classical guitar piece entitled Recuerdos de la Alhambra for her characters in this drama indeed needs a big appreciation!. Moreover, Shin Hye plays two characters at the same time: Heeju, and Emma, a classic guitarist in the game.

2. Theme

Unlike the other Korean dramas which mostly use romance as a theme, MotA takes science fiction as its first focus. Augmented Reality game is such a new thing for a drama theme. It is something rare, fresh, and unique. For those who are into romance, then don’t worry, folks! as of course there is romance slipped inside. Beside technology-fantasy and love story, there also has other various genres like crime, mystery, thriller. The good news is?? comedy is on the list too! This drama will make watchers feel a lot of emotions even just in one episode. Superb!

3. Visual

Hyun Bin with his charisma and handsomeness along with Park Shin Hye with her charm and prettiness are not the only visual aspects we can find in this drama. As the title itself, the shooting location took place not only in South Korea but also in many different cities in Spain especially in the beginning episodes. This drama brings us into a state of mind like travelling to many beautiful eyes-spoiling with authentic full of historical sense places like Granada, Barcelona, Alhambra. Great visual was presented plus perfected by its neat, detailed & clean cinematography. Production of this drama is real not a joke!

4. Plot

At first, we may get confused in understanding the story because the script writer used flash-forward plot. This is something that needs a lot more concentration, high attention which makes it challenging yet fun at the same time. Every episode always leaves us a question that makes watchers feel curious whether the answer will be from the past event or in the upcoming one instead. Its mysteriousness has come to be the beauty of this drama. The creative plot style seems like a tactic to make us stay curious and completely eager to continue watching this drama until the finale episode.

5. Knowledge

We can earn so much knowledge by watching this drama. Personally, I never knew what AR game was. This drama gave me a different perspective on an IT world. Another new information for me is that turned out, the Alhambra melody is very popular not just in Spain but also internationally. Playing this melody on classical guitar isn’t an easy thing as it requires a specific difficult technique. Check it out on the link below:
The cover of Alhambra melody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwjX-m4LkYk Vocal cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95-pei4fV1k

In addition, there was mentioned in the drama about Fatimah’s hand, Gate of Justice, and its correlation with Moslems’ belief. I thought Spain was a Christian country but in fact, some cities there are majored by Moslem citizens. This is very interesting!

6. Moral Lessons

Last but not least is the values we can get by after watching Memories of the Alhambra. What moral messages can we get from it?. It’s important to not just enjoying an art piece but how we can earn some lessons that are useful if applied in our own real life. Below are some meaningful quotes taken from this drama:

  • “If I want something, I’ll take action right away” -Jinwoo
  • “Stop being so cocky and just sit. What makes you so noble anyway?” – Heeju
  • “Money wasn’t the only magic that entered Hee-joo’s life that day.” -Jinwoo
  • “Life isn’t simple. Sometimes things don’t always go the way we want it.” -Jinwoo
  • “To stand up for yourself, means taking responsibility for your actions. That’s what it means to be a man.” -Jinwoo
  • “I feel proud of myself that until now.. I am still alive.” -Jinwoo
  • “Crazy people has their own logic. Even a crazy world has its rules.” -Jinwoo
  • It’s not technology but TRUST is the magic that can change the world.

This drama teaches us the value of honesty, endurance, sincerity, faith and loyalty.

So.. from all that.. what more to wait?? Go watch this masterpiece cinguu!

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